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Lockout Tagout management softwares


Manage LOTO procedures steps

MesConsignations covers the entire Lockout Tagout workflow, that can involve a requester, an operations manager, a LOTO operator and a work supervisor who can, among other things, lockout equipment for himself.

Make your Lockouts reliable

Regarding staff safety and installations availability, lockout operations are crucial for your company. MesConsignations then allows you to structure them, make them reliable and more visible, thus saving you time while respecting safety standards.

Two different modules

To better meet needs in the field with an ergonomic and user-friendly software, two different modules are given to you:

MesConsignations Live mainly gives you the opportunity to have a real-time overview of the locked out installations. This app is light and meets most of the cases, especially for operators that lockout equipment for themselves.

MesConsignations Process allows you to manage the whole Lockout Tagout workflow. This app is complete and powerful.

Real-time Lockouts monitoring

LOTO procedures digitalization


NF C 18-510 standard

It's the technical regulatory reference document (arcticle R4544-3 of the French labor law) to control operations made in an electrical hazard environment. It defines the roles and the responsibilities of plant managers and external staff . It describes necessary accreditations terms according to operations and voltage ranges.

Lockout Tagout

It's the chronological sequence of indispensable and regulatory operations that ensures the security of the staff and the installations before taking actions on an electrical equipment. In deed, only voltage-free works can fully protect from electric shock hazard, as long as we are sure that any residual voltage is and remains fully deleted: it's the role of the Lockout procedure.

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